Cyclone Fishtail

GTW design & supply fishtail for hydro cyclone, it is fitted below the spigot on the underflow.
GTW Hydro-Cyclone lined rubber and its Fish tail
Dump valves “Fish tail” operated cyclones with the follow features
+Deliver the same underflow density, regardless of uncontrolled variation in solids content in the cyclone feed
+Will readily handle unexpected tramp oversize in the feed, without plugging
+Produce a very high underflow density, essentially water and slime free, without being operated in “roping” condition
+Is very simple to vary the underflow density as desired, without using troublesome and expensive mechanical or hydraulic adjustable spigot arrangements.
+Require a much lower spigot maintenance.
The key to the success of the separator lies in the discharge regulator [Fishtail], which is fitted below the spigot on the underflow.

The uniquely beneficial performance characteristics of the fishtail are achieved by the automatically compensating interaction between the wearable rubbers fishtail underflow regulator and the adjustment of the siphon control valve fitted to the cyclone vent pipe.
When setting the fishtail, it is best to operate on water only and with the vent control valve partly open. As the hydro cyclone is filled with water the static head within causes the fishtail underflow regulator to distend and momentarily discharge a flush of water the cyclone is now full and water is over flowing through the overflow pipe, the discharge end of which is drowned 200mm under water at a mini distance of 1.85M below the bottom of the fishtail.